I have recently celebrated another full circumnavigation of the sun (aka birthday) and after a big night of celebrating I couldn’t wait to peruse the photos. I offloaded my camera and started flipping through the pics and what was starring back at me was a bit scary.  It was faint and probably only a scrutinizing eye would notice – but it was there. Yup! My first few wrinkle lines zigzagged their way across my forehead. I brushed it off as the inevitable reality of inching closer to 30. And so begins my battle with wrinkles. My plan of attack: 1) moisturize face every day and 2) get more regular facials.

Last week I headed for my now regular monthly facials at Q West Spa and was informed by my facialist about this new trend called  “Yoga Face”. I have never heard of said activity but figured why not do a little research and see if I could prevent the need for Botox until I hit the 35+ threshold!

Analise Hagen is the yogi behind Yoga Face. Yoga Face is an anti-aging regimen that promises to eliminate wrinkles and tone the muscles of your face through some unique face movements. Hagen says that if you start doing a few minutes of facial yoga a day, in six months you’ll have a tighter, more refined skin. Hagen’s Yoga Face is based on the simple premise that the muscles of your face are no different to the muscles of the rest of your body and they need to be exercised to prevent them from becoming weak and flabby.

Check out the video from Analise Hagen and decide for yourself if a few minutes of crazy faces can keep the lines at bay!

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